Born into a Punjabi family, in South London, England in 1988, Sim Dhallu is a self-starter and creative soul. After following a fairly conventional path studying A-levels and Architecture at University, she embarked on her true passion of photography.

Interested in the mediums capacity for description and the authenticity of documentary photography, Sim launched her career with her debut exhibition entitled “Mumbai: A day in the life of the city” at an East End gallery in 2013.

Within the body of work she explored notions of identity and sense of place. Her acute eye for observation and empathetic depiction of people, together with her understanding of photographic language, provides the viewer with an intimate and personal portrayal of the city, its people and their movements.

It is her love for the written word and creating stories that finds her constantly going back to India to shoot life as it happens – which makes what was her debut exhibition an ever growing collection of stories which can now be seen at the prestigious Indian restaurant The Cinnamon Club in Westminster, London.